SmartyCam HD Rev. 2
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SmartyCam HD vs SmartyCam HD Rev. 2: the improvements
Improved video quality with the new CMOS sensor
The new CMOS significantly improves image quality: no more 'noise' anymore.
Increased battery life
When connected to an AiM logger, SmartyCam HD Rev. 2 goes on recording without any time limit.
If the camera is used in stand-alone mode, the new battery - with an almost double the power of the previous model - now allows to record more than two hours of video with data overlays.
Your camera glass is broker? No worries
It is now possible to replace, where necessary, both glasses of your camera.
100% weather-proof lateral door
The USB port and SD card housing is 100% protected from air and weathering, thanks to the newly shaped lateral door.
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